Sexiest Trends For Men (Or Women ;))

Mens fashion has really taken a turn for the better in the past 10 years or so. We now have a New York Fashion Week dedicated just to haute couture for men, NYFW: Men's. From the garments to the swag, the shoes to the hair, men's trends are just getting sexier, at least for us to look at! Here's three of my favorite and sexiest trends for men.

1. Man Cleavage:
Now this is not for everyone (Kanye). Sorry, guys, but man cleavage happens to be very appealing. Why? Oh, IDK because a man with his shirt unbuttoned showing off his chest is HOT! Man cleavage even showed up on the runway for Spring 2018. I mean if we can #FreeTheNipple then men can #FreeTheChest.

2. Man Bun:
This female crush has been going around since 2015 and is just as sexy now as it was a few years ago. Here's a few reasons a man with a bun is sexy: It's not playing by the rules, they always have an extra hair tie, they are automatically more interesting and they shake out there hair before pulling it up.
3. Beards:
Men with beards. When Glitter Beards were a thing, I didn't find them that attractive but match it up with a man bun and Wooh! Baby! Now some men look better than others with a beard and I am not talking about that scruffy, not taken care of dirty beard, I am talking about that combed through, clean shaved, beard.

Signed Opinionated Fashionista


Incredible post with great fashion tips about men. I always search for these types of blogs which provide little bit helpful tips about mens fashion and I'm gonna definitely follow your blog for the same. Long hair with bun & also beard become very trendy these days and also boys/men looks really attractive in these type of looks.

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