Spotlight: Brandon Kee

Brandon Kee (Photo: Instagram @brandonkee)
The obsession with Brandon Kee is real! Besides his sexy, shy personality and good looks, Brandon is an Academy of Art University Alumni. Born and raised in Utah, Brandon graduated in December 2016, as did I, with a BFA in Fashion Design.

Brandon Kee hit the runways last September, 2016, for the NYFW Graduate Collection Show. I am so grateful to have been a part of this specific showing. Sergio and I attended this show as our last NYFW experience. AAU has brought so many amazing experiences to me and my career and being a part of NYFW is such a beautiful experience.
Brandon Kee, AAU Graduate Runway Show, NYFW Fall 2016 (Photo: Instagram @brandonkee)
Brandon Kee didn't stop there though, he recently was on Project Runway Season 16. Brandon came in third, and while he didn't come in first place, he had three wins on the show. Brandon won the 'Descending Into Good and Evil' Challenge, 'A Leap of Innovation' Challenge, and the 'Warrior Fashion' Challenge. He also was never in fear of elimination, or in the bottom. Brandon had top scores of the challenges, EIGHT times. Check out his looks from Project Runway below.

 "Technically" Brandon won 4 times as he won the 'Dixie' Challenge $25K after Claire's win was rescinded for cheating. They did not replace her "win", but he won the money so thats good enough for me! With this, Brandon's choice of pattern creation was used in Brandon Kee X Dixie. They are super cute I have to say.
Brandon Kee, Winning Design (Photo: Instagram @ProjectRunway)
Winning Design (Photo: Instagram @brandonkee)
Brandon always received great feedback on his work from the judges, even for the NYFW Finale show. I still think Brandon should have won! Sergio and I were #TeamBrandon the whole way through. We are however pleased that his "brother" Kentaro took then win. If it wasn't going to be Brandon then we are glad it was Kentaro.
Brandon and Kentaro (Photo: Instagram @brandonkee)
Something else I love about Brandon is his girlfriend, Dina Lam (Dina Marie). Yes, ladies, he is taken and Dina is such a beautiful, supportive, talented woman, herself.
Dina and Brandon (Photo: Instagram @from_dina.marie)
The two met in school at AAU and have similar, like really similar, design styles. Currently, they are working on a collaboration called BKDM and I cannot wait to see this amazingness! Dina Marie recently showed her AAU Graduate collection at NYFW this past September. These two are going to have the most stylish looking children, not to mention their baby is going to come out with a look book in hand!
Brand Logo (Photo: Instagram
Brandon Kee recently teamed up with Imagine Dragons and created their wardrobe look for the AMA's. This wasn't the first time either. Brandon designed and styled the groups The Evolve Tour for the Denver, Saint Paul, Connecticut and Chicago shows. The looks are simply badass.

Imagine Dragons Evolve Tour, Denver (Photo: Instagram @brandonkee)
Imagine Dragons, AMAs (Photo: Instagram @brandonkee)
Brandon Kee isn't just up and coming, Brandon Kee is here and in your face! I am excited for Brandon and how far he has come and I cannot wait to see how far he will go. I just know I am going to be following him and waiting for the day I can purchase his RTW line! Until now, I will suffice with my Dixie cups!

Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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