Spring Must Reads: 5 Of My Favs!

Hey Guys! I know I haven't posted in a while but here are my Spring MUST Reads for the season! Seriously, these books are totally worth devouring.

Symptoms of Being Human
Riley is a human. Riley doesn't identify as a male or female. Riley isn't out yet. This read is all about gender fluidity and the life of a teenager dealing with the effects. Amazon ($12.35)
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I haven't read this book yet but its sitting on my shelf just waiting to be opened. With everything going on in our world today in the LGBTQ community, even being able to understand ONE story of being gender fluid can open my eyes and others to moving towards a better future.

The Regulars
The regulars is about a group of "normal" girls that are thirsty for fame and acceptance. After finding a "pretty" solution together they go on a whirlwind journey of transformation. They get a glimpse into the lives of hot models and outstanding pretty women. Amazon ($10.32)
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I am currently reading this book also and man it is intriguing. Three women drink a "pretty" potion and become other women and no one suspects a thing. But I am anxious to see how this book ends, its getting hot!

Meditations In The Feminine
This poetry book is in both Italian and English. Focusing on self awareness, Meditations in the Feminine is a book that will help relax the mind with poems that draw the reader to create a voice. Amazon ($14.00)
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If you liked The Sun and Her Flowers or Milk & Honey, you will love this book. I am currently halfway through and its so eye opening and relaxing!

The Little Book Of Self-Care
Looking to focus on yourself? This book is filled with 200 ways to do just that! Rejuvenate, relax and take care of YOU with many ways to self care! Amazon ($9.34)
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This isn't just a read and forget book. Anytime I am looking to relax and focus on myself, I look to this book for an answer. Whether its taking a walk, getting a pedicure or forgiving someone, this book can help you in your journey to a new you!

Love & Luck
Love & Luck is all about adventure. Addie travels to Ireland for a family wedding just before heading to Italy to meet up with a friend, or so she thinks. The plans have changed! Could this be the sequel to Love & Gelato?! Amazon ($15.19)
Photo: Amazon
I am sooooo excited to read this book! I read Love & Gelato and fell IN LOVE with it. I am so curious to see what characters will make an appearance in this book as posted from the author herself on Insta!

Check these books out this Spring and let me know what you think?

Signed Opinionated Fashionista


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